Booking.com’s Campaign Deal Flexibility

Whether you’re shopping for clothes, negotiating a price on a new car, or filling up your grocery cart, we’re all on the hunt for deals. Most of the time a revenue manager or owner will decide to run a promotion to attract as many guests as possible. The promotion wizard on the Booking.com extranet is a great way to set up a quick sale to get the ball rolling but what many don’t realize are the numerous campaign deals Booking.com runs throughout the year. These campaign deals come with a badge and additional marketing opportunities (and oftentimes a dedicated page featuring those partners that are participating). The current campaign deal we are running is the Getaway Deal.


Getaway Deal Parameters:

Book/Stay Dates: Now through September 30, 2021

Minimum Discount: 15%

Flexibility: You choose which rate plans and room types to run the deal on and have the option for unlimited blackout dates.  


As an account manager, I’ve reached out to my partners who are running a promotion that fits these parameters and have discussed the additional marketing opportunity that they’re missing on Booking.com. They have then gone into the extranet and ‘replaced’ their previous deal with the campaign deal. Their visibility and revenue significantly increased once the switch was made. In one particular case, the partner was the only one in the area running a Getaway Deal and thus began attracting more guests for the stay dates they targeted.  

How to set up a Getaway Deal

  1. Login to your extranet
  2. Click Promotions > Choose new promotion
  3. Under Getaway Deal click Add promotion and begin customizing your offer

Remember to always reach out to your local Booking.com representative if you have any questions regarding new or upcoming campaign deals so you can take advantage of the additional marketing.


Where are you planning on traveling to this summer? Drop your #GetawayAllDay destinations below and share your favorite hot spots if you recognize a destination you’ve visited in the past!


More Information:

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Banner on the Booking.com homepage notifying guests of the Getaway Deal Landing Page 

Getaway Landing Page

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