Genius Program’s Evolution in the last 8 years

The Genius Program is one of my favorite marketing tools available to partners, but the most common question that I get asked from my partners is does it actually help? 

To give a little history of the program, Genius was introduced 8 years ago and has continued to evolve with the aim of bringing more value to our partners and customers. It’s a powerful marketing tool to drive incremental business, along with flexibility and control for our partners.

The Genius Program was built to support partners in 3 fundamental ways: 

  1. Genius logo and tagging so it's easy for customers to discover Genius participating properties
  2. Increase in visibility in the search results 
  3. Filter for guests to upsort all Genius properties

Even beyond that, the tool is designed to expose guests to Genius properties from other channels and strategic partnerships such as Apple Maps, VactionRenter.com, and many more.

With that being said, it’s meant to help you stand out from the competition and show more value to guests.


Like any of our features and programs on Booking.com, I would recommend testing to see if it works for you. Some of my partners have seen huge success with visibility, revenue, and bookings after joining the program. 

But other than reading this here, I would highly recommend listening to the intent and more insight behind the program from our VP of Product and Senior Product Marketing Manager themselves! 


Do you already participate in the Genius program? Share your experience here!


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