Visibility as a Superpower with the Preferred Program

The Preferred Partner Program will help your hotel stand out from the competition. The program is a long-term solution to secure visibility to up to 40% more guests in any given search on Booking.com. 

I like discussing the Preferred Partner Program especially with my hotel partners located in Washington, DC. What are the partners saying? They ‘love it!’. The selection of hotels in downtown Washington, DC is amazing and the competition is intense. Growing their ADR (Yes, that is finally happening now!) is equally important for these partners. The Preferred Partner Program can do both increase visibility and protect the ADR.

Eligible hotels? What does this mean? Tell me more.

Preferred Partner Program is an exclusive program that is only offered to 30% of accommodations in a given location. For example, 30% of Washington DC hotels are eligible to join the program at any given time. Find out by logging in at admin.booking.com if your hotel is eligible to join. After logging in select the Opportunities tab. The Preferred Partner Program lives under the Opportunities tab. 


Do you have additional questions? Type them away below. I look forward to helping you understand the Preferred Partner Program better.


Are you a current Preferred hotel partner? I’d love to read your experience and thoughts about being in the program. Our partners and guests are evolving and so should our conversations to help you be successful on Booking.com.




Erin Aliaj

I enjoyed writing this post. Let me know if you have questions BrookAve.