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Hi as you will notice, I just joined booking.com, and things are not going too well with various things.


I have had guests leave a critical review stating they didn't stay at my property, but they did as I have evidence. I have sent emails over emails and I get nowhere.

I keep having to cancel bookings due to double bookings. I have set my settings to specific vetting settings but somehow none are effective.


One of my properties has options to sync my air BnB calendar and the other one doesn't.


I would like a booking.com onboarding personnel to help with the listing process, if possible.


Also, when I get calls from abroad and each time without a doubt the phone line gets cut off.


I will like a solution asap please as these points are tarnishing my property performance.

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago


Hi @Xenio Homes ,


Welcome to the Partner Community! Happy to have you here, and thanks so much for sharing. 


I'm also very sorry to hear you're experiencing the above points you mentioned. 


For your onboarding, I'd like to share with you some self-help articles and community posts if you find the information there useful:


1) Guest reviews

2) Onboarding help - set property live

3) Updating availability

4) No-shows

5) Calendars


For a more thorough investigation of your property and tailored advice, our support team can check those points and help. May I make a gentle suggestion to contact them by sending a message via your extranet inbox?


In the meantime, I'd also like to tag my community ambassador colleagues here. @Amanda Hogan , @Terrence Cooper , @Edgard Yamamoto, @Clara - Partner Support , have you got any additional insights for Xenio?