Does Booking even screen guests?

I have 4 units and over the past week I have received 3-4 one-night bookings. Each of them have been no-shows and the phone numbers given were fake. 

Turning on a strict cancellation policy does nothing because I have to take payment directly from guests and if its a bot they arent contacting me. 


Booking needs to start doing simple screening because Im losing nights waiting for false bookings. 

John Prior 1 year ago

I've used AirBnB, VRBO and Booking.com to bring guests to my properties.

I've had no problems with AirBnB and VRBO guests, but Booking.com guests have been costly (drug parties, etc) and I've also had the last-minute-cancel problem, leaving me with yet more management headache and lost revenues.

I've resorted to turning off Booking.com and leaving the platform, but occasionally checking back in to see if there is any solution.

Booking.com *really* needs to set up a "Guest Score" feature so we can filter out the badly behaving screwballs.

Sean Glinski 1 year ago

John, I would say my guests through booking are about 60% real. On VRBO its been like 80% real, I still get the occasional "my boss is going to pay for my stay but will only send a money order." 

If your properties are all SFH or single-occupancy, I would absolutely do as you did. Having a MF property, I can be more flexible with cancelations, like hotels. For them, its no problem with a no-show. But if you have a 3bed/2bath that gets $300/night and someone books for 3 nights and removes those nights from your ability to get an actual guest: its a killer. 

I understand that Bookings does not want to get into the guest pre-pay space, because that would be a headache for their relationship with hotels. But maybe they wise-up and start doing it with "the smaller guys" doing vacation rentals so that they actually start competing in that space. One can dream, right?