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How do pin verification and messaging work on the extranet?

Hello everyone! 

As a valued partner, your account’s safety is paramount to us. We require a 2-factor authentication as an extra layer of security when logging into the extranet. First, you enter your username and password. Then, a PIN (personal identification number) is sent to your authenticated personal device to be used to complete the login process. 

Did you know we have several messaging tools? Our private messaging service is a vital feature – not only to ensure guests get the best experience and partners like you stay up to date but also to keep you and your guests’ info safe and prevent fraud. As part of this, you can set up message templates, automatic replies and enable message notifications

How does the private messaging service help your business to communicate with guests? Share your experience in the comments section below!  

Gladys Diaz 6 months ago

How can I change that the Authentication PIN gets via phone call to the hotel vs. to my cell phone? I have tried modifying the "Contacts" section, but the authentication remains directly to my mobile. Thanks.