Public Availability Calendar on mobile and web with day of the week specific minimum night restrictions.

Good morning colleagues,

I've recently updated my listing to set a minimum of 2 nights stay for reservations including a Friday or Saturday night. The remainder of the week 1 night stays are permitted. This has had an unwanted and unwelcome effect on the Guest facing calendar on mobile and web - the calendar guests view and use to amend selected dates when they are already viewing your listing.

Both Fridays and Saturdays are greyed out with no nightly price displayed. On the web interface a mouse hover over Fridays - but not Saturdays displays 'Check-out' only. This implies to guests that these nights are not bookable at all either as check-in or as part of a longer stay. This isn't actually the case - a persistent guest can select their preferred dates and move on to the reservation screen. My concern is that the majority of potential guests will think the nights are unavailable and move on to an alternative listing.

Setting length of stay restrictions to 2 nights across the board cures the problem, but that is not IMHO optimal for my business needs.

I've raised the concern via Customer Support to be told dismissively that it's 'working as intended'. A request to escalate the concern as a platform bug appears to be being ignored.

Any advise on how to escalate this issue to the Web/Mobile UI teams? It's clearly a bug and as an occasional developer myself I suspect it's probably a relatively easy fix if I can get the issue past the 1st line of customer support.