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The quality of guests

The quality of the guests coming from is not good.  I receive many guests from that break the house rules and leave the guestroom extremely dirty and disorganized. 


The reporting apparatus of the Extranet (Report guest misconduct) seems to have been designed as an afterthought.  You are only able to report on one issue and the description section is very limiting and, in most cases, insufficient spaces is provided to describe the issue.


I have stopped writing guest misconduct report because it is highly inadequate and leads to retaliatory reviews.


In general, the Extranet is antiquated, not user friendly, very limiting and doesn’t provide the necessary good tools to the hosts.  For years I have provided dozens of feedback regarding many issues with the Extranet and not a single feedback has been addresses.  The Extranet is just as bad if not worse since I started using 


Since I started hosting guests from I have come to believe that the owners of have a very different definition of the word partner than what is printed in the dictionary.  At no time in this relationship between and me (a host) have I felt valued or treated as if had my back.  It has been the total opposite.   The best way I can describe the way treats its host is ignoring them. I don’t feel listened to and made to feel insignificant, and a bother. 


I could spend hours writing about all the short comings of but it would be a waste of my personal time.  They don’t care what their host think or what their needs are. is definitely not devoted to their hosts. 


Over the last year Airbnb has made significant enhancements to their platform that has made it much easier to use.  This winter they have also introduce many new tools that makes the platform state of the art. It is apparent that they do listen to their partners. 

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Marcos Gonzalez 1 month ago

Today a guest departed after an 11 days stay.   The guest refused housekeeping services and left the room extremely dirty and smelly.   In those 11 days the guest never bathe or showered.  The bed sheets were gray and stained.  The guest always left the kitchen and dining room dirty even after I told him he had to clean after himself.  

Lately, I have been receiving horrible and disgusting guests from needs to vet their guests much better.  We also need a way to notify future hosts of less than stellar guests.  

I definitely don't feel supported by and they don't have my back.