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We’ve made some improvements to the Community

Hi everyone!

We understand finding posts in the Community can sometimes be tricky. We’ve recently made a few improvements to improve your experience while using the community.

Here are some of the changes:

1) New topics

We’ve created new categories to choose from when creating a post to help you find and browse content more easily.

2) New tags

You can now choose a maximum of three tags that best suit the topic of your post. These tags give extra information to your post and help others quickly understand what your post is about.

3) Pagination

You’re now able to page through the sections (‘Unanswered’, ‘Featured’, ‘Recent’ and ‘Popular’) on the Community homepage. This means you can easily see and find more posts that were previously hidden.

Remember, before posting a new question in the Community, please check if there’s an existing post on the same topic. Type your keyword in the search bar on the right-hand corner of the community homepage and filter by ‘Community posts’.

What do you think about these changes? Do you have any other tips that can help to easily find the information you’re looking for on the Community?