Coronavirus support for partners

Around the world, government regulations in response to COVID-19 continue to evolve. To help you navigate them, we remain committed to bringing you useful, up-to-date info that supports you and your property.

This page contains resources we’ve developed to help you respond to the impact of coronavirus-related travel restrictions, including reduced demand and increased cancellation rates.

covid-19 partner support, november 2020

Prepare for uncertainty

The coronavirus continues to impact travelers’ plans, so preparing for uncertainty can help you deal with last-minute changes. Make sure you know how to handle cancellations and no-shows, as well as how to give guests extra flexibility when the time is right. That way you’ll be in a better position to handle the effects of travel restrictions on your property.

Responding to changing travel plans

Lockdowns and other restrictions may mean you have guests who can’t stay with you as they’d planned. Here’s some advice on handling situations like these.

Answering guest questions

Due to travel restrictions, it’s likely your guests will have more questions than normal. Here are some of the ways we can help you answer them quickly and easily.

Get your property ready

Even while travel restrictions are impacting your day-to-day business, you can still prepare your property to maximize new bookings once the situation begins to improve.


Availability and rate planning


We understand that travel restrictions mean your rooms might not be available to book right now. Even so, we still recommend adding availability up to 16 months in advance so you don’t miss out on opportunities to capture potential future demand.


Availability fundamentals that help you recover bookings


Rate Plans can help you attract a wider range of potential guests. As you look ahead into the future and set up your availability, select the Rate Plans that make the most sense for you and your business.


Review and edit your Rate Plans

availability and rate planning



Once you can welcome guests again, flexible rates can be a good way to give travelers peace of mind and encourage them to book with you. Our research shows that 45% of travelers would book a trip that included free cancellation, and 32% would book if they could reschedule for free.


Learn how to make your rates more flexible

Health and safety


While business is quieter than usual, take the time to familiarize yourself with our health and safety guidelines. By following these, you can make sure you’re ready to safely welcome back guests and staff once travel starts to pick up again in your area.

Along with our recommendations, make sure you also follow guidance from the local authorities.

Disinfecting surface with cleaning fluid

Use our insights

Data and insights can help you make the best decisions for your business, particularly in difficult times like these. That’s why we’ve added relevant info and advice to the Extranet’s Opportunity Center. You’ll find personalized recommendations related to:

  • Travel restrictions – tailored solutions and supportive advice to help you minimize the impact of coronavirus-related regulations and restrictions on your property
  • Your performance – we recommend choosing which actions to take based on your performance over the last 30 days compared to similar properties in your area

Visit the Opportunity Center

Are you seeing signs of recovery?

In June, we created the Recovery Toolkit to help partners attract travel demand in parts of the world where it’s slowly returning. The toolkit now contains more info than ever, including guest trends from across the industry and the three key types of travelers we’re seeing right now.

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