Charging Commission on Cancelled Booking Without Payment Received

Currently we had an issue as there's some bookings that automatically cancelled by booking.com system but still wanting us to pay the commission on that booking. We have argued as we didn't do anything wrong about the reporting since our dispute is always rejected by the finance department.

It all started due to booking.com system that allowing guest to pay when they arrive despite having online payment option. Properties could not disable this option completely because booking.com keeps saying that it's not possible. There's always a misuse of pay at property option, resulting in chargebacks and even fake bookings since people could now easily input an invalid credit card number just to secure a booking. And it happens when we decided to marked the credit card number given as invalid, then waiting for the guest to update their details. Instead of receiving an updated card details since guest has put a debit card number (Which is impossible to charge), the guest cancel the reservation straightforward and we could not do anything. Since it has been cancelled, technically property could not charge anything since guest is not updating their card details and property could not receive any payment.

Unfortunately, booking.com insisted for property to pay the commission because they said it was a non-refundable booking. Come on, is that logic enough? Booking.com keeps saying that a non-refundable booking means no cancellation and insisting property to contact the guest directly for them to pay. Where is the logical sense at this matter? We have asked to stop pay at property option to avoid this issue happen in the future, but booking.com always saying it is not possible.


Is it a new way to attempt a scam to the property?