Commissionable amount


2 Guests booking 2 rooms, single occupancy.

Room price for 2 people 99 euro. Single occupancy, room price = 79,20 euro. 2 rooms = 158,40 euro.

Genius discount 10% makes that 142,56 euro.

YET - the commissionable amount is ... 138,24 euro. This is 4% lower than 142,56 euro... Why was that taken out? 

I have applied the same logic to this calculation as to other reservations, and in this case it does not add up. Any ideas / input?


Karin Verhaest

Hello. I think you did not read my message right. I do not have a question about commissions. These are clear to me. The issue is that you charge the commissions to an amount which is4% lower than it should be. Commissions should be applied on room rate minus genius discount. And you applied them to an amount which is lower than that. This relates to lodging of oct 11, 2 people in 2 separate rooms. See my original message for the breakdown