deleted properties

Dear booking.com 

if we should like to list out our properties from your website, 

how can we do ?


best regard,

khunthy Mr. 

Sandrine Micallef

Hi there, 

I am sorry to hear that you eventually want to remove your properties from Booking.com.

If you do wish to do so, you can simply send us a message from your extranet inbox explaining the reasons why you would like to list them out. All reservations already booked will have to be honored, then the contract will be terminated.

Have good day, 


forall Resort

thank you so much for your reply, i wish to work with booking.com but during i testing book by my self, our properties was block by booking.com, non bookable.  i try to contact to reopen more than one month until now, i still no feedback. that why i ask i should removed my properties and create new one or something else. 

please advise 

bet regards, 

khunthy Mr.