Direct Debit

Booking.com has a bug where I cannot select a bank in order to have Booking.com direct debit my account

When click the dropdown under "select your bank from the list", nothing appears. And when I type in a name, it just says "NO MATCH". I've tried "Ban" and "TD" and "Bank". It simply keeps saying "NO MATCH". The form is completely useless. 

Who can correct this so I can properly enter my account information and get debited directly for the commission fees?


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Amanda Hogan 3 months ago

Hi Stephanie, 

Thank you for reaching out. 

This is definitely frustrating and we have heard of some of our partners having these issues. 

The best way to get this updated is to reach out to our finance team. You can go to the extranet--inbox tab--Booking.com messages. 

From there you will be able to reach out to them and they will help you get the issue resolved. 




Sherry Guyberson 3 months ago

I am going to try this. Booking is taking it out of some omy older listings, and paying the invoices, but when I try to add the same bank for newer listings it says not found :(