do the discount % percentage combine for more than two promotions get added together ?

It seems in the past when I have had multiple promotions that the discounts 'added together'

So like if a person is a Genius and the offer is 15% discount and then I add a 'Last Minute Promotion' of say 25% Does this mean they will get COMBINED discount of 40% ?

The 'Opportunity Center' has so many 'suggested' Promotions, but no where can I see where it tells you whether they are "in addition to" others.  

I see 'stackable' in places, but nothing to select like that when setting up a Promotion. (?)  I choose on the selection of Rate *applied to Standard Rate.    Otherwise, it is not clear if I now want to add a "Last Minute Booking" whether I need to cancel a Genius promo discount...

Thanks so much!!!  Lisa

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BrookAve 29 days ago


Yes in some cases they stack

How discounts on rates & promos stack together -cheat sheet





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