Easy Travel Benefit Programme

Does anyone know what this programme is?  I encountered it a few days back and wrote to booking.com for an explanation, but as of yet have heard nothing.

Our policies are set to only Non-refundable reservations and with immediate prepayment, so this programme which we did not sign up for suddenly is overtaking our strict non-refundable rates with prepayment required on all bookings.

Easy Travel Benefit Programme




  1. rename form 'info' to your property name or actual name, or propery short name , please
  2.  I just checked and cant find any mention of it, wherre do you see it?
  3. was it just an email announcing it ?
  4. there is nothing in the screen shot about it??


please clarify further





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  1. how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox

Here is another example.  I have seen this on both PC and handy.  It seems this "programme" appears only for reservations short-term.  For example, if today is the 11th and I am booking for the 13, the programme overrides our policies (for bookings up to 7 days).  If bookings are for 8 nights or more, our set policies are shown.  It seems that this window of where the programme is shown is also 7 or 8 days because if I book dates starting from the 19th onward, our set policies are shown again.  I have not seen it appear for any intended booking dates beyond 7 nights from now.

I contacted booking.com on the 6th of October via the extranet with screenshots of different dates, but have not received an answer and our property is still being included in this Easy Travel Benefit programme as of this morning.



Easy Travel Benefit Programme


Hi Else,

There was no email announcing this programme.  I just noticed it last week so it is very new.  I have googled it and nothing shows up.  I have checked with a friend who also has a hotel, also has non-refundable rates and is also somehow included in this programme.

I find it very strange that booking.com would introduce something that completely disregards the policies set by an accommodation and not even inform the accommodation about it.  Furthermore, after nearly a week of being contacted about this via the extranet (including screenshots), we have yet to receive a reply.


Just did some further research on accommodations in our next resort area.  I entered one set of dates to see what would come up and found 15 accommodations which have the same Free Cancellation - No Prepayment Needed - Pay at the Property and when the ? icon is clicked it shows the same popup as above in our screenshot saying "

Cancellation: You may cancel free of charge until 2 days before arrival. You will be charged the total price of the reservation if you cancel in the 2 days before arrival.

You can enjoy an extra flexible cancellation policy for your selection because this property is part of our 'Easy travel benefit' programme.

Prepayment: No prepayment is needed.

Considering I only checked one set of dates, I can only assume that this programme is much more widespread than I had thought.

I have taken screenshots of all the 15 accommodations showing this.  As I have not gotten any reply from booking.com, I think I will send the accommodations a screenshot to see what they have to say...

Maybe they have heard of this Easy Travel Benefits Programme


Wow.  Same is true in Grindelwald.  Lots of properties with the same....  I will be VERY interested to hear what this programme is all about!


Still having heard NOTHING back from booking.com explaining what this is, I have done some more research to see how widespread it is...

I have currently found and documented properties falling under this programme in:

Switzerland, England, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, USA

Safe to say, it is out there... Funny that booking.com is not giving any answers...