Ending my contract with booking

Dear sirs 

Ever since we started this partnership, I haven’t received any guest. You have sent me two invoices to pay for booking while no service is provided to me.

Also, please note that I want to end this partnership as I have sold the house.

please advice on the process related to ending of contract.

as for the invoices you sent to me to settle to your bank account, please note  that I haven’t received any payment from any guest as nobody showed up.

I am counting on your support to end my contract.

Amanda Hogan

Hi Shorouq, 

You will be able to remove your listing by following the steps outlined here

I would also reach out to our support teams by sending a message, or calling the phone number available in the Inbox tab of your extranet, so they can assist with the invoice issues. 

Thank you for your partnership! 

All the Best,


Daniel Bassey

I have had similar issue 

I want to end my contract please 

you guys are fustrating honestly 

you customer service is total crap 

no way to reach you guys 

an you have the guts to forward an invoice I Dont Know about to a collection agency 

please I need to end my contract with you 

I have paid the bogus bill you sent to me come end my payment 

there no way to contact you guys 

you guys are bunch of crap