How do I add an extra optional fee to the listing?

Hi, I am renting out our villa and and clients can book on-line. There is an extra fee for heating the large private pool. Question is, how do I add an extra fee (eg, for pool heating) so the client can also pay that fee on-line. I would like to add this extra fee to the booking once it is made. 

I see an option to add a standard fee that everyone would pay (but many clients do not need pool heating and hence do not pay). Please advise if Booking.com allows you to add a fee that the client can select. And if so, how do I add it to my listing? 

Thanks in advance, Sophie

Sophie Vandebroek

Hi Haley, thanks for the quick reply. Since my home is not a hotel and I am not there when clients check in it is not possible to pay upon checking. VRBO has this capability. Can Booking.com add it also? Thanks in advance, Sophie

Haley Eder

I'm sorry Sophie, the only way we can assist is to add to all reservations, we cannot do an optional charge. If you do want to add this, you can write in the extranet inbox and one of our team members can assist you.