My accommodation is closed on Booking

Hello!  I received a message than one of my newest properties is closed but I don't understand why.  It's YOUR ROOM WITH A VIEW - BOLDERBERG. 

I just uploaded the new accommodation last week. 

Erin Aliaj

Hi Jolien,

You can escalate this via the Extranet's Inbox tab. to log in please type on the browser admin.booking.com. Once logged in locate the Inbox tab. Select Messages to Booking.com and send a request via there. Our local team will pick up your message and assist you further.

Hope this helps.



Sandrine Micallef

Hi Jolien, 

On behalf of Booking.com: sorry about the misunderstanding of the closure.

However here you wrote to the US & Canada Partner Help and your property seems to be in Belgium, so we consequently cannot help you at all ! I have seen that you also reached out by phone, so it should not be too long before someone comes back to you.

Have a great day !