property verification shambles

Hi All, my property started trading well and has some great reviews. Was looking forward to building a good relationship with booking.com. However, 6 weeks in, they closed my accounts ability to take bookings and said they need the verify (Check my property is real!) I only established the reason because i found a telephone number and queried what was going on! What a shambles. Its been 2 weeks now with an empty diary and no one has made contact to set this straight. Ive called several times and been told the the "correct dept" will need to call me and I must wait. Also that the process takes some time. As we go into the third week of waiting and empty bedrooms Im reaching the conclusion that waiting wont help my recoup the set up costs ive incurred in establishing the business.

Is it me or does the Booking.com system need a shake up?  If verification is critical, why allow trading to substantially commence before closing down and sitting idly by while their "partners" consider alternative marketing strategies. 

Of course I hope this raises a few questions for Booking.com The platform itself works so well for customers and is good for partners too, but it would appear that the human systems are badly flawed!?

Lajos Fias 3 months ago

I have been waiting for 2 months, nothing happens, I call regularly and write to them, nothing heppens! If anyone has a contact for the verification team please let them know!

Follett Rachel 3 months ago

Hi I have a number and spoke to someone 3 times. They said there is nothing they can do.

I asked to be put through to the correct department but they said they cannot. I asked for a correct number...there is not one. I asked for my problem to be escalated to someone that could act upon it but there is no escalation process either. They sent an email 20 days ago to their colleagues in the verification department but still NOTHING.

You would think they would only close a property when it was established that it could NOT be verified, rather than closing a property (which could easily and  quickly be verified) down for 2 months while they waited to investigate! If they dont have the capacity to verify quickly, They should either not commence bookings in the first instance OR close it only when the property could not be verified. Alternatively, give the partners a capacity to verify their own properties. IE they could send a hard copy letter to the property and if it is delivered, the property exists. OR they could demand passport or ID from the owner showing the address. This could all be done when registering. Booking.com, if you see this please respond...Explain to us?