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Can I manage or share Extranet access rights using Pulse?

Updated 9 months ago

No, you can only create and manage Extranet login accounts from within the Extranet itself.

However, any account settings you select on the Extranet are reflected on Pulse.

For example, if you’ve created individual access rights for a team member that let them access reservations but not availability, that restriction will be in place when that user logs in to Pulse.

Here’s how permissions are reflected on the Extranet and on Pulse:

Calendar & Availability


Extranet: No access to Rates & Availability calendar.

Pulse: No access to Availability tab, no availability-related activity cards(1) or push notifications(2).



Extranet: No access to property-related rights under Account tab.

Pulse: N/A (There's no Account tab on Pulse).



Extranet: No access to messages in the Inbox tab(3).

Pulse: No activity cards or push notifications related to messages(3).



Extranet: No access to the Finance tab.

Pulse: No access to Invoices section in the More tab(4).

Property Details


Extranet: No access to the Property tab.

Pulse: No access to the Properties section in the More tab.



Extranet: No access to Guest Messages in the Inbox tab.

No access to the Reservations tab.

Extranet search doesn’t give any reservation-related results.

Pulse: No access to booking details(5).

No access to Bookings and Messages tabs.

The search box won’t give any reservation-related results.



Extranet: No access to the Promotions tab.

Pulse: No access to the Promotions tracker in the More tab.

  1. Availability-related activity: Sold-out rooms, Almost sold-out rooms, Long-term availability.
  2. Availability-related push notifications: Sold-out rooms, Almost sold-out rooms.
  3. This setting doesn't affect partner-to-guest messaging.
  4. Finance-related push notifications and activity cards are currently being developed for Pulse.
  5. Push notifications and activity cards can still be received, but the user won’t be able to click through to the booking details in the Bookings tab. Access to the Bookings tab is restricted.

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