How to create and manage Extranet login accounts

Updated 1 month ago

We added a new feature to the Extranet that simplifies managing your property’s login accounts.*

You don't have to share logins and passwords with your team anymore. Now you can create additional accounts with individual access rights for various team members.  The feature can only be accessed by your property’s admin user. This user has either been selected by you, or identified by us as the most appropriate user to create and manage accounts.

To create or manage your property’s login accounts, the admin user should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Extranet and click the Account icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Create and manage users from the drop-down menu.
  3. You’ll see an overview of all users, their access rights, and last login dates.
  4. Click Manage to edit existing rights, remove a user, or assign a new admin user. or Click Add a user to create a new login. This can either be a first-time user or someone who already has access to another Extranet account.

If you get an error message while adding a new user, check out our articles about adding other users and properties to a master account.

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How can I invite an existing Extranet user to access my property, but restrict them to specific tabs like Reservations?

When you invite a user with an existing Extranet account to access your property, you’ll be able to see their current permissions. After the user accepts your invite, you’ll be able to change their permissions. However, any changes you make to their permissions will apply to all properties they have access to. You can't create property-specific permissions for a group account-holder. If needed, you can invite the user to create a new login account that will retain the specific permissions you choose to give them for your property.   

Can I see what changes specific users make to my Extranet?

It’s not possible for you to track or view individual user's actions on your Extranet. If you have any issues or questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your local support team.  

What Extranet tabs can I set permissions for?

You can restrict access to the following tabs and pages by setting permissions: Account, Inbox, Finance, Property Details, Reservations, Promotions, and Rates & Availability (or Calendar & Pricing, depending on your property type). You can set individual permissions for specific tabs using the "Yes/No" toggle buttons. If access is switched on, the user will be able to view and edit everything within that tab.   

Can I create an account with read-only access, so users can’t update details on the Extranet?

When you create an account, you can set user access permissions for specific Extranet tabs. As soon as the access is switched on, the user will be able to view and edit everything within that tab.   

Can I resend an invitation email if it gets deleted accidentally or wasn't received?

If an invitation gets deleted or wasn't received, just create a new login account and invite the same person again. The previous invite automatically expires after 7 days, so the "pending" user in your property list will disappear, too.  

Can I create a shared account for a team?

You can, but we recommend creating a separate login account for each individual Extranet user. That way you’ll have more control over who can access and make changes to individual tabs.   

Can I temporarily restrict a user’s access to the Extranet?

You can restrict a user from accessing your Extranet at any time. If you want to re-add them later on, just invite them again using the "Add new user" button.  

When I update an existing account, can I see if the user has access to other properties? If so, which properties?

Before confirming any updates to user permissions, you’ll always get a warning notification if the change is going to impact other properties. For security reasons, we can’t specify the other property names that the user also has access to. Any changes you make to accounts that have access to multiple properties will impact the user’s access to all properties in that account.  

Where can I update user details other than permissions, like an email address or phone number?

The "admin user" is the only one who can make changes to user permissions related to Extranet access. To make changes to a user’s email address or phone number, reach out to your local support team.  

Can a property have more than one "admin user"?

It's possible to have more than one admin user for a property. Any existing admin user can create an additional admin user by selecting that option under the "Manage" button for the chosen user. An admin user is automatically granted access to all tabs.

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