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Understanding the Extranet

Updated 1 month ago

The Extranet is an administrative dashboard for your property. Once you log in, you’ll be able to access and update all the info displayed on your property page, including payment options and policies, rooms and rates, photos and descriptions, reviews, and more.

You’ll also see a record of past and upcoming reservations, options for setting up deals and improving your sales, as well as useful analytics that show how your property is performing on our site.

You can even use the Extranet to set up message templates and schedule messages to be sent automatically to guests – making it easier and quicker to share important information.

And, of course, you can contact us via the Extranet Inbox tab if you have any questions – that’s also where we’ll share any important updates from our side.

Tip:  For many questions, the Partner Community can be the quickest way to find an answer.

We have many partners online who can help you with details about the Extranet. Remember to be polite and professional when asking for help.

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How to log in to the Extranet

You’ll be able to access the Extranet using the login name and password combination you created during registration. To log in, just:

  1. Go to the Extranet
  2. Enter your login name and password.
  3. Select your language and log in.

If you’re having problems signing in, you can reset your Extranet login.

Note: If you’ve worked with us before or have previously started but not completed a registration using a specific email address, we’ll send your log-in details to that same email address after we review your new registration. We’ll also email you a link to create your personal password. Explore the Extranet now

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