Using the smart paste feature to quickly make bulk edits across your properties

Updated 2 years ago | 3 min read

We introduced a quick and easy way to make bulk edits to multiple properties. The new smart paste feature will work even if the properties aren’t in the same location or don’t have easily searchable characteristics.

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If you’re managing multiple properties on, implementing changes in bulk can save a lot of time. Under the group Extranet’s Bulk Editing page, you can find a number of bulk actions for a wide range of topics – from applying a deal or rate plan to setting up autoresponder messaging templates. 

Our new smart paste feature allows you to select multiple properties when applying a bulk edit. This is relevant to you if:

  • You manage multiple properties under a single account
  • You use another system—such as a channel manager or even a spreadsheet—to manage your properties and have grouped some of them based on type or other characteristics
  • You want to apply a bulk edit to multiple properties at once, but not all properties are in the same location or share easily searchable characteristics

How to use the smart paste feature

Here’s how to use the smart paste feature when applying a bulk edit:

 1. Go to your property management system or spreadsheet and find the group of properties you want to include in the bulk edit 

 2. Copy the IDs of those properties from the system or spreadsheet. These IDs should match the ones used on (screenshot 1)


Screenshot 1

 3. Sign in to the group Extranet, go to the Bulk Editing page, and start the change you’d like to apply to the properties (e.g. add a mobile rate)

 4. Once you finish adding the settings in step one of the bulk flow, continue to step two (screenshot 2)


Screenshot 2


 5. Search for the properties by pasting their property IDs into the search bar (screenshot 3)


Screenshot 3


 6. You can select some or all the properties (screenshot 4)


Screenshot 4


 7. Check and confirm your details

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