Closing availability on rooms or units when using a channel manager

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In this article, we’ll cover how to close availability using a channel manager, as well as how to deal with any potential issues that may arise.

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Closing a room or unit on the Extranet when using a channel manager

If you’re using a channel manager to load prices and availability to the Extranet, you’ll also need to close your rooms or units using their system or your own property management system (PMS).

Follow your channel manager’s specific instructions on how to close rooms or units – this will ensure that the same changes are reflected on the Extranet.

Closing a room or unit on the Extranet if your channel manager is down

If you’re experiencing technical issues with your channel manager, contact them first to seek assistance.

If you’re unable to reach them and need to urgently close rooms or units on the Extranet, you can contact us and we’ll close them for you manually.

Make sure that you also inform your channel manager as soon as possible so they can check your connection and refresh your data.

If the issue can’t be resolved quickly, we can also temporarily close your property on our platform until your channel manager fixes the problem.

Troubleshooting why a room or unit is still open on the Extranet after you closed it with your channel manager

First double-check that the change went through on your channel manager’s side. It can take up to five minutes for a change to be processed.

If the room or unit remains open on the Extranet, contact your channel manager to check if the close request was actually sent. If it wasn’t, they can contact us directly to identify and resolve the issue.

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