Managing availability through your connectivity provider

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Loading enough availability on our platform can help you appear in as many guest searches as possible, which is essential to getting more bookings. It’s good practice to set rates and availability for at least the next two years—or the maximum duration your connectivity provider allows—even if you plan to update them later.

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Updating your availability as a connected partner

If you work with a connectivity provider, you should always use their software to update your property’s availability on our platform. This is because the data from your provider will usually overwrite any changes you make to your availability via the Extranet or Pulse calendars.

To ensure potential guests are always seeing up-to-date info, adjust your rooms, rates, prices, and restrictions on your connectivity provider’s platform. If you want to close one of your rooms on, you should also do this through your provider’s platform.

Optimizing availability through availability opportunities

The right availability strategy can have a huge impact on your property’s performance on our platform. To help you make the most of your availability, we regularly offer tailored, actionable advice—which we call “opportunities”—that can help boost your property’s visibility. These opportunities are based on info like which dates rooms are open and bookable, and the last dates you have rates and availability loaded for.

You can see opportunities on both the Extranet and your connectivity provider’s platform. Just like with updating your availability, make sure you implement opportunities via your provider’s platform and not the Extranet. Read this article to learn more about maximizing availability through opportunities.

Read this article to learn more about how pricing and availability can bring you more business. To learn more about how availability can help you recover from low booking periods, check out this guide.

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