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Setting up rooms or units on your channel manager

Updated 1 year ago | 2.5 min read

If you created a new room or unit, or added new rates on the Extranet, you’ll need to map these new rooms, units, or rates to your channel manager. This will connect the two systems so your info is identical on both.

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Mapping rooms or units and rates from the Extranet to your channel manager

There are two ways to map new rooms, units, or rates to your channel manager:

  1. Most channel managers automatically map all new rooms or units and rates that you add to the Extranet – check with your channel manager to see if they do
  2. Some channel managers let you map new rooms or units and rates yourself – check with your provider and follow their instructions

Once you or your channel manager map your rooms or units and rates, add availability for them using your channel manager. These new dates will then become available for travelers to book on our platform.

Finding the ID number to map a room or unit to your channel manager

If you’re mapping a room or a unit to your channel manager yourself, you might need its ID number. You can find this by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Property
  3. Click Room details or Property layout, depending on your property type
  4. Search for the room or unit you want the ID number for

Under each room or unit name, you’ll see a unique ID number that you can use to map rooms to your channel manager.

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