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Online check-in FAQs

Updated 1 week ago | 7 min read

We created the online check-in feature so you can speed up check-in by collecting your guests’ info before they arrive. We've done our best to answer some of the most important questions partners like you have asked us about the feature.

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SECTION 1: General info

SECTION 2: Activating online check-in

SECTION 3: Day-to-day operations


  • Our online check-in feature makes it easier for you to collect the guest info you need for check-in, such as passports or ID card details. It also allows you to share info with them in advance, like how to pick up their keys.

    You can access your guests’ info before they arrive in your connectivity provider’s interface or your dedicated check-in technology provider’s system. That means less manual work at check-in and more time to focus on welcoming your guests.

  • Online check-in allows guests to check in and enter their info online using our familiar and trusted platform – before arrival, from wherever they are. This reduces waiting time at your property and helps create a smooth and consistent guest experience.

  • Online check-in is available for single room reservations with all types of cancellation policies. Your provider can advise you about your specific circumstances and any possible limitations if you offer online check-in.

    Multiple-room reservations and reservations made through other channels will follow your standard check-in process, since online check-in is only available to guests who book on our platform.

  • doesn’t charge any additional fees for using online check-in.

  • We designed the online check-in feature to comply with GDPR requirements. We only act as a data processor between you and your connectivity provider. We don’t store any guest data beyond the check-in process.

  • We work with a variety of connectivity providers and dedicated check-in technology providers. Your provider can set up a connection to allow us to activate check-in for your property. 

  • If you have any questions or feedback, contact your connectivity or check-in technology provider.

    • Your guests receive an email or notification from us that will prompt them to check in online 48 hours before they arrive at your property.
    • They can then enter the info you require for check-in, such as their passport or ID card info, on our website or Android app
    • Once your guests submit their info, we’ll send it to you through your connectivity or check-in provider 
    • Once you review and confirm the check-in request, your guest will be notified that check-in was successful and will receive instructions on how to enter your property
  • If your guests can’t check in online, we’ll ask them to use your standard check-in process instead.

  • We offer guests an explanation of what’s required at each stage of the online check-in process. If they need to, guests can contact our Customer Service team for help or contact you directly.

  • Yes, you can continue to engage with your guests as usual. However, to avoid confusion, don’t send any additional check-in info that may conflict with what your guests see during the online check-in process.

  • We’ll take care of collecting the necessary guest data before their arrival and will share it with your provider. There’s no need to request this info yourself since we’ll have already collected it.

    Neither you nor your staff need to ask guests to re-submit their info after arrival. Instead, use the info already collected and available in your provider’s system. For specifics on how to manage check-in requests, check your provider interface.

  • You can find this info in your connectivity provider’s interface or your check-in provider’s system. You may also be able to see it in your PMS. Because each provider will have a different guest and partner interface, contact your provider for exactly where your guests’ information is.

  • Our online check-in feature is only available on our platform. Guests who book your property through other channels or your own website will check in using your standard process.

  • Your guests will check out using your standard process.

  • If a guest is unable to check in online for any reason, they’ll be notified by email.

  • Yes. Online check-in is available to all guests within 48 hours of their date of arrival.

  • You can add these instructions directly in your connectivity provider’s system. Your provider will share this info with us, then we’ll send it to guests in their own language directly via email or the Android app.

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