I use a channel manager and haven’t received a credit card CVC code for a reservation. What should I do?

Updated 8 months ago

This can happen for a number of reasons. However, it’s often because your Booking.com account isn’t set up to send you the CVC (card verification code). This is especially likely if you recently listed your property on our platform.

If you think your account may be set up this way but you need to receive CVC codes for bookings in the future, contact us via your Booking.com Extranet inbox, then we’ll check and update your settings for you. 

When you contact us, select Property details as the topic of your message, and Property policies (parking, internet, etc.) as the subtopic.

It could also be because the reservation was made using an American Express card. We don’t ask American Express card users to provide their CVC codes.

If your Booking.com account is already set up to send you CVC codes but the reservation wasn’t made using an American Express card, contact your channel manager. They can check to make sure that they are passing on the CVC codes they receive from us.

Keep in mind that requiring CVC codes during the booking process can reduce the number of reservations you get. This is because guests generally prefer to provide as few details as possible when they’re making a booking.

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