How and when can I charge a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) in my PMS / Channel Manager?

Updated 8 months ago

We recently improved our online payment process to make Virtual Credit Card info (activation date, expiration date, and card balance) visible on Property Management Systems (PMS) and Channel Managers. Having visibility of this info reduces time and effort spent on managing guest payments, and reduces the risk of authorization failure.

In order to see Virtual Credit Card info in your PMS / Channel Manager, check the reservation’s payment section for mention of Virtual Payment. If your PMS / Channel Manager has integrated our VCC Payment Clarity Package into their software, you should have clear visibility of: 

  • The VCC Activation Date, so you know when you can start charging the VCC

  • The VCC Current Balance, so you know the exact amount you need to charge

  • The VCC Expiration Date, so you can avoid charging an expired card

  • A detailed price breakdown of all charges, such as taxes and extra fees (cleaning, resort fees, service charges, etc.), and extra charges which are excluded from the VC 

If you are unable to see this info on your system, we recommend you contact your PMS / Channel Manager to request the feature. Your PMS / Channel Manager will need to implement the Payments Clarity Package in order for you to have visibility of this.

You can also view the VCC details on the Extranet, steps can be found in this article: How do I charge a Virtual Credit Card (VCC)?

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