Understanding the Connectivity Partner Program

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We partner with a variety of connectivity providers, including channel managers and property management systems (PMS). We do this to make sure you have access to the best products and services, and can choose the provider best suited to your business needs.

The Connectivity Partner Program helps us maintain high-quality partnerships with connectivity providers that enable you to keep growing your business.

We designed it to encourage connectivity providers to take specific actions that benefit the property partners they work with. In return for each action these providers complete, they receive points as part of the Connectivity Partner Program.

They also earn points for offering quality connections and useful products and services, for helping test new products, and for sharing specific feedback.

There are three tiers in the Connectivity Partner Program, and each provider is in a particular tier depending on their score. Since these tiers reflect providers’ overall performance, a provider’s position can help you decide which is the best fit for your business.

The Connectivity Partner Program tiers

The three tiers in the Connectivity Partner Program are Standard, Advanced, and Premier:

  • As soon as a connectivity provider starts working with us, they join the Connectivity Partner Program as a Standard partner. If you choose to work with one of these providers, you can safely use their system to update your rates and availability on our platform and retrieve your reservations.
  • Advanced partners also allow you to use their systems to update your rates and availability on our platform and retrieve your reservations. They’ve also adopted other products so they can offer you a wider range of functionalities. The exact nature of these functionalities varies from provider to provider.
  • Premier partners are our best connectivity providers. They offer the most advanced systems with the widest range of products and services. Their connection quality is also usually higher than Advanced partners.

How connectivity providers earn points

Connectivity providers can earn points in these categories:

Adding business value

In general, the more properties a connectivity provider has in their portfolio—and the more business they generate on our platform—the more points they earn. This is because having a reasonable number of properties in their portfolio lets us verify the effectiveness of their connectivity solution based on property partners’ experiences.

Implementing our product features

This is so we can ensure properties have access to as many features as possible when using the connectivity provider’s interface instead of the Extranet. These features allow property partners to perform tasks like setting up promotions, managing their content, photos, rooms, units, and rates, and reporting invalid credit cards. The more features the connectivity provider implements, the more points they can earn.

Developing a quality connection with our platform

Connectivity providers can do this by adopting our APIs. The higher the connection quality with our platform, the more reliable and bug-free the user experience for their properties.

Engaging with us

Connectivity providers can do this by sharing feedback via research interviews or helping us to test new products. This helps property partners benefit from a seamless onboarding experience and optimize performance on our platform.

Finding out which tier a connectivity provider is in

To see which tier a particular connectivity provider is in, log in to the Extranet, click Account, then Connectivity provider.

You’ll see a list of recommended connectivity providers, and you can search for other providers. For each provider, you’ll see details of their tier in the Connectivity Partner Program, their connection quality score, and the features they offer.

We recommend choosing from our Premier providers. To see the details of these providers, including the types of software they provide and the languages they offer, check out this page for managing vacation rental properties or this page for managing hotels. 

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