How to improve ranking and visibility through occupancy-based pricing

Updated 1 year ago

Occupancy-based pricing can help increase your bookings, as well as your ranking and visibility. To help you set the right prices based on occupancy, we developed a new walkthrough of the feature.

Note: Occupancy-based pricing isn't available to all properties. If you have any issues when setting occupancy-based rates, get in touch with your account manager using the contact info in the Extranet's inbox, or contact your local support team.

Why is occupancy-based pricing important?

Having just one price for any given room limits the number of guests you can attract. For example, imagine you have a quadruple room and have only configured one price, which you based on a total of 4 guests. Without a separate price for only 2 guests, you’re likely to miss out on bookings from couples who could stay in that room.

Setting multiple prices based on group size means your property will be seen by lots of groups looking for different prices.

How will the new system help?

Many partners have told us setting up occupancy-based pricing can be difficult. We know your time is valuable, so we added a new walkthrough feature to guide you through the entire process – giving you more control over what prices you set, and when.

The new system also helps you select the best price for each group size with price recommendations.

What results can I expect?

The vast majority of searches on are for 1 or 2 guests. According to our data, setting occupancy-based pricing brings in an average of 30 bookings each year

To access the walkthrough, log in to the Extranet and click the "Rates and Availability" tab. The walkthrough should start automatically.

Note: The walkthrough feature is only available to first-time users. If you don’t see it, that means you’ve already set up occupancy-based pricing.




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