How to use Solo Occupancy Rates

Updated 1 month ago

If you’re offering a two-person price as the standard rate for your double rooms, consider offering a tailored “solo rate” for guests staying alone. 

Note: In case you want to update your Solo Occupancy Rates from a Channel Manager or Property Management System, you’ll need to check that yours is able to support this functionality. You can check this on the channel manager features page, under Rates & Availability. 

How do solo rates work?

With solo rates, you set different prices based on the number of people staying in your double room. Here’s an example:

Your current set-up

  • 2 people staying in a double room $100

With solo rates

  • 2 people staying in a double room $100
  • 1 person staying in a double room &85*
    • (*You decide the discount you want to give)

 And this is how solo rates are displayed to solo travelers: 

What are the benefits of solo rates? 

  • Appear in more bookers’ search results 

Because of your new settings, your property will appear in search results for guests traveling alone. This means you’ll be reaching a wider customer base.  

  • Make your property stand out 

When guests travel on their own, there’s no one to split the cost of a room with. By offering special pricing based on single occupancy, you’ll catch the eye of solo travelers – especially if they’re more budget-conscious. 

  • Maximize the revenue coming from your double rooms 

How can I set up solo rates?

To set up solo rates, all you need to do is:

  1. Log in to your channel manager
  2. Go to the price settings for your double room 
  3. Add your new solo rate in the field for single occupancy (see below for an example of how this might look)

You’ll need to set solo rates for all room rate combinations (e.g. breakfast included, non-refundable, free cancellation) and all bookable dates. 


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