What's a channel manager, and how does it help with my pricing?

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Find out how a channel manager can save you time and help you manage your pricing and availability more efficiently across multiple channels.

A channel manager is a service provider that links the property management system (PMS) you use to manage your rooms and prices with online platforms like Booking.com.

It lets you automatically update your rates, availability and reservations across several platforms all at once. If you don’t have a PMS, certain channel managers can provide you with one.

How can a channel manager help you?

If you’re selling rooms on more than one online platform, a channel manager will save you time and effort. You can update your prices across all online channels quickly and easily – from just one place.

You're also much less likely to get overbooked. As soon as a room is sold, it'll automatically be removed from all other online channels, eliminating the chance of getting double-booked.

On top of reducing double-bookings, a channel manager helps boost revenue. Whenever you get a cancellation, your channel manager puts that room back online automatically and instantly, maximizing the chances of getting it re-booked.

Furthermore, you can track your performance across all your online channels. Accessing this data will help you make informed decisions about where to sell your rooms and at what price.

If you run several properties, a channel manager can also streamline the sign-up process by letting you register your properties across multiple platforms at once.