The key to filling up rooms

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Want to know more about how to get more bookings? We’ll take you through each step so your property has the best chance of welcoming more guests.

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Filling up rooms. That’s why you came to us, right?

We’re here to help you get bookings, so take a look at our tips and find out what works best for you and your property.

You need to be seen to be booked, so first check out our articles on covering the basics, then you can work on getting seen by more potential bookers.

What happens next?

When it comes to changing lookers into bookers, there are a few different factors involved. We look at many different elements that work together to lead to conversion. To have the best chance of getting the right bookings at the right time, it’s extremely important you set the right expectations, have clear information, competitive rates – and show off your property. attracts many kinds of travelers looking for different experiences – and they all want to find the perfect property for themselves. In order to appeal to travelers's needs and make sure they match with your property, try offering a discount to solo travelers or including breakfast.

Creating a great experience for guests while always meeting (and hopefully exceeding) their expectations will have a positive effect on your reviews – another reason for lots of travelers to book your property.

Optimizing bookings: Check your content Make sure your property page content is perfect so travelers can picture themselves there – and don't forget to show all that you have to offer.

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How to catch bookers' eyes

Show your property’s best side and let bookers imagine themselves there. Show all the facilities you offer, add high-quality photos, and tell guests all about what they can do in the surrounding area.

Offering a variety of rates (e.g., non-refundable, fully-refundable or breakfast included) guarantees flexibility for you and for your potential booker. Check your availability so you’re ready to be booked at the right time.

Check your progress

See how you can give your property page a boost by checking its score and how you can reduce the chances of no-shows. We also created the Opportunity Center so you can always find ways of filling rooms and making the most of your partnership with us.

We’ve put together a variety of features so you can boost your visibility across – and increase your chances of getting more bookings.

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