7 tips for naming your property

Updated 2 years ago

Though just a few words, your property’s name is important. Here are 7 tips for getting it right.

Avoid abbreviations

Abbreviations don't mean much to potential guests – they might even confuse and prevent them from booking. While a property name like "2BR + 2BD Apartment" might distinguish your room types within multiple properties, it could push potential guests away.

Skip the emojis and symbols

To make your property look trustworthy and professional, don't use exclamation marks or capital letters. Though they might seem fun or eye-catching, emojis and unnecessary additions could be enough to stop someone from booking.

Don't be too generic

Your name should reveal something specific about your place, like where it is or what you offer. A name like "London Apartments" is likely to be confused with another property, or just forgotten. A unique name for a property always helps you stand out from the crowd.

Use conventional spelling

Modernized names like "Hotel 4U" won't mean anything to a global audience and are likely to age badly. They could also be misspelled or misremembered. If a guest is searching for your property, they could easily miss it and book elsewhere.

Keep it short and unique

When it comes to names for vacation home, it’s simple: Short and sweet is more memorable. A name like "Capital Apartments" or "Woodland Cottage" is much easier to remember than "Apartment in central London with park view, balcony, and free WiFi." Highlight all your property's features in the photos and description – not the name.

Add your location or size

Including practical info like your location (e.g. "Capital Apartments Chelsea") in your property's name makes it easier for travelers to find and book the right place for their needs.

Stay fact-based

Keeping information clear and objective will appeal to more travelers. Often when a product—in this case, a property—is overly hyped, customers get suspicious. Avoid any subjective or creative names like "Beautiful Apartment in Boston" or "Super-wonderful Cabin."

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