Let’s get ready for ski season, together

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In preparation for your busiest time of year, we’ve been working on our website to make sure travellers can find all the information they need when booking their perfect ski trip.

This means we’ll be showcasing our winter sports destinations, as well as adding new facility information to give you more visibility and attract even more mountain-bound travellers to your property.

How will Booking.com be more ski-friendly?

- Your property may be featured on new ski discovery pages

- We’ll be adding more ski facilities, such as whether a property is ‘ski-in and ski-out’

- We’re optimising our location facilities so travellers can discover more about the area"

How can I make more travellers see my listing?

- Add availability

We’ve noticed demand rising lately – so check your availability has been set correctly to make sure you don’t miss out on any bookings.

Add availability

- Optimise top facilities

Does your property offer storage for ski gear? Do you have a hot tub? Properties with top facilities will be more visible, so remember to add all of yours.

Optimise top facilities

Thank you for your continued partnership, and we wish you a happy and successful ski season!