What are the basics for improving my visibility?

You can attract more potential bookers to your page by understanding your guests better, then making sure visibility basics like wider availability and relevant content are all in place.

Update your content

To start growing organically takes a little time on any platform. On Booking.com, you can improve your visibility by making sure you understand the needs and preferences of your guests, and then tweaking your basics accordingly.

Even if you’ve been with us for a while, double-checking that you’ve got the basics right ensures you’re visible to the guests who are most likely to select your place, naturally bringing in more bookings.

“Even if you’ve been with us for a while, double-checking that you’ve got the basics right ensures you’re visible to the guests who are most likely to select your place, naturally bringing in more bookings.”

Understanding your audience – and their search journey

Every guest is unique, and their preferences and needs all change over time. That’s why our ranking algorithm is optimized to meet guests’ changing demands throughout their search journey, which, in turn, helps your property attract the right kind of guests.

A guest’s search journey can be split into 5 different stages:

  • Explore: They’re thinking about taking a trip and starting to search for destinations, property types, particular facilities (e.g. swimming pool), prices, and dates.
  • Compare: They’ve decided what their needs are and started comparing accommodations, weighing up which one will best meet their needs.
  • Book: Having decided on the best accommodations for their needs, they make a reservation.
  • Experience: The guest’s experience of a property begins the moment they make a booking and continues right through the end of their stay.
  • Evaluate: The guest evaluates their overall experience both during their stay and after they check out. Your guest reviews are a great indicator of how guests rate the quality and service at your property.


Get an even deeper understanding of your guests with the help of our Booker Insights tool. Found under the Analytics tab of the Extranet, you can see:

  • What countries guests book from
  • What device they used (mobile or desktop)
  • Their reason for traveling (business or leisure)

Use this info to identify opportunities to earn additional revenue, e.g. setting up Business Booker rates or special Country Rates for guests from certain locations.

Optimizing your property’s performance and competitiveness

It’s important for your property to be visible in the different stages of a guest’s search journey in order to maximize your conversion rate (the number of guest searches or page views that result in a booking).

Conversion is the main indicator of how well your property performs on our website. As a result, our ranking algorithm is optimized for conversion. Here are few suggestions for engaging potential guests and boosting your conversion rate:

Be availableThat’s why we always recommend loading rooms for at least one year ahead – you’d be surprised by the number of early birds out there who like planning trips that far in advance! You can learn more about the importance of availability here.

Haven’t decided what your rates will be next year? Well, on Booking.com's Extranet, it’s easy to copy this year’s rates over to next year. That will buy yourself some thinking time without missing out on those potential advance bookings.

Be attractiveIn order to market your property effectively, you need to get the attention of potential guests in the "explore" and "compare" phases. That means making sure your property page has attractive, high-resolution photos, a complete description, and an accurate list of facilities.

Not only will this help potential guests find the property that best matches their needs, but it also helps you set the right expectations if they book your place. Under the Property tab of the Extranet, the property page score tells you how you’re doing with your content and offers tips on how to improve it.

Be competitiveGuests are always looking for value, so your prices play a very important role in their decision-making while they’re searching and comparing accommodations.

We recommend selecting a price strategy that best suits your business needs, but try to offer different rate plans that appeal to all kinds of guests. Think of the options travelers might be looking for: Some people can’t start the day without breakfast, while others are happy to book the lowest possible rate and buy a coffee to-go.

However, since guests compare options before making a booking, it’s also important to set a competitive price within your market, so it always reflects the changing demand.

Under the Analytics tab of the Extranet, our Price Performance Dashboard monitors your rates online and presents you with a Price Quality Score that indicates your competitiveness. The higher your score, the higher your conversion rate – making a big difference to your visibility in guests’ search results.

Competitiveness isn't just about price, so don’t forget to review your policies, as well. Can you be somewhat flexible with your cancellation policies and restrictions? To be seen by more potential bookers, try to offer some flexibility in your policies.

Extra pricing tipIf you ever think you need help deciding your prices, you might be interested in RateIntelligence. It’s a free tool that presents data about your market demand and competitive set (i.e. properties in your area), helping you evaluate your rates, so you can adjust them to attract more guests.

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Visibility Basics: Our top tip

Availability is the number-one way to be seen by potential guests. By loading your available rooms 12 months in advance and being flexible with restrictions, you’ll increase the likelihood of being seen by more bookers using our website.

Review your availability

Beyond the booking process

We've covered the main elements that impact your visibility in our search results: being available when guests are searching, ensuring pricing and policies are competitive for your offering, and keeping your content accurate and attractive.

But it doesn’t stop there. Remember that during the stay, you are your own brand manager! Writing a personal welcome message and being available for questions can really add to a guest’s overall experience. Guest message templates can save time and make communicating with guests easier.

In the long term, managing guest expectations through your content and having good communication with guests will help you get even better Guest Reviews, which will influence others to book since so many people filter searches based on guest review scores. It’s also a nice, human touch to respond to every guest who takes the time to review your property, whether positive or critical. Check out our tips for responding to reviews.

Want more advice? Capture the attention of even more potential guests with the help of Booking.com’s visibility tools.

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