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Understanding our commission

Updated 1 month ago | 5 min read

We collected all the info you need in one article to help you understand how our commission works, including when it’s collected, when it isn’t, and how to check the commission details of both monthly invoices and individual reservations.

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The commission-based model

We work on a commission-based business model, meaning you pay us a set percentage of the value of each reservation you receive through our platform. We’ve structured our commission with a few things in mind:

  • Our commission structure is based on the idea that the price you set is the price guests should pay
  • We strive for simplicity in pricing to make it easy for you to price your property competitively and attract more guests
  • The commission percentage varies by country and can also vary depending on your property type or location

How we determine commission eligibility

You pay commission when:

  • You have a confirmed stay – your guest has checked out and paid
  • You charge guests for non-refundable bookings, regardless of whether the guest stays at your property
  • You charge guests for partially refundable and non-refundable bookings
  • You charge guests for no-shows or cancellations
  • You charge guests who cancel after the free cancellation period ended

You don’t have to pay commission when:

Paying commission on overbookings

We charge commission on overbookings because the room or unit was made available on our platform. In addition to charging you commission, we ask that you cover relocation costs for the guest.

However, if your property has been live on our platform for fewer than 30 days, or if you’ve had fewer than five overbookings in 12 months, we won’t charge you commission on overbookings.

How we calculate monthly commission invoices

Your monthly commission invoice is based on all the reservations that were completed in the previous month. During the first week of each month, we issue invoices for all reservations with check-out dates from the previous month. For example, if a guest arrives on January 31 and checks out on February 1, we’ll include the commission for that reservation on your March invoice.

You can mark no-shows, modify reservation dates, and change prices starting at midnight on the check-in date, until either the second or fifth day of the following month, depending on your property’s location. We generate your invoice one day later, either on the third or the sixth day of the month.

We expect you to verify reservations before we issue your invoices. By conducting your own review, you can make sure you only pay for reservations that have been verified.

For example, if a guest completes a stay in July, you have until either August 2nd or 5th to complete the reconciliation process. We’ll then generate your invoice on either August 3rd or 6th, depending on your property’s location.

Viewing your invoices 

You can view your full list of invoices by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Finance, then Invoices
  3. Choose a year and click View statement for each invoice you want to view under the Invoice amount or Actions column

Viewing commission info for individual reservations

See reservation-level details like how much commission is due or how much you’ve already paid for any particular invoice by viewing your reservation statements on the Extranet. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Finance, then Reservation statements
  3. Choose a period from the drop-down menu to see all the reservation details we’ve included in a particular monthly invoice, including how much commission you owe

You can download .xls or .csv versions of your reservation statements from this page if you want to save or upload them for use in your own accounting software.

If the commission percentage is more than the percentage listed on your contract, you may be participating in a program like Genius, Preferred Partner, or Visibility Booster. To check your participation and the total commission percentage for these programs, log in to the Extranet, click Opportunities, and select the section for the program you’re interested in.

Commission invoices and VAT/GST charges

Depending on local tax laws, we may include VAT/GST on your commission invoice. The commission we charge is calculated based on the total value of each reservation. In cases where we don’t charge VAT/GST, you may be required to calculate and report it directly to your local tax authorities.

If you have questions about VAT/GST, we recommend you contact your tax advisor or accountant.

Contacting us with questions about invoices 

If you have a question about your invoices, message us via the Extranet inbox.

Before you contact us, check which types of invoices you have pending. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Finance, then Invoices
  3. The Description or Document name column provides more details and the invoice type

Common additional invoice types include:

  • Incorrect reporting you originally marked one or more reservations on the invoice as no-shows, and we didn’t include them on your commission invoice. Your guests later confirmed with us that they stayed according to their original reservation, so we issued a separate invoice for our commission fee.
  • Customer complaint costs – this type of invoice is issued in situations where there are relocation costs due to overbooking or if your guests were incorrectly charged. In these instances, you should’ve been contacted by our Customer Service team already.
  • Debit note: You may receive a debit note if an invoice needs to be corrected – for example, if we discover an incorrectly charged amount of VAT or find incorrect reservations included on an invoice. Find more details by downloading the PDF version of the debit note.

Disputing commission

After a guest checks out, you have until the end of the month to modify the reservation on the Extranet. If you miss this deadline, you can dispute the commission for a reservation by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Finance, then Reservation statements
  3. Under the Dispute commission amount or Dispute column, tick the box for the reservation(s) you want to dispute – a blue Dispute X reservation(s) or Dispute reservations button will appear
  4. Click the blue Dispute X reservation(s) or Dispute reservations button, enter the actual amount of revenue you received, choose a reason for the dispute, and write a message explaining the situation
  5. Click Send message or Next dispute, then click Send dispute

You'll receive an update on the status of the dispute in your Extranet inbox within 48 hours. You can also check whether your dispute was approved, rejected, or is in review by hovering over the tick box in the Dispute commission amount or Dispute column on the Reservation statements page.

Keep in mind that this dispute process is intended for exceptional circumstances only. If we reject your dispute, you can’t open another dispute for the same reservation.

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