Do I pay commission on canceled bookings?

Updated 2 months ago

IMPORTANT: Whenever you charge guests for non-refundable or partially refundable no-shows or cancellations, you need to pay commission on those fees. Commission is not applicable in cases where you decide to waive cancellation fees, correctly mark the guest as a no-show or mark a credit card as invalid because you were unable to charge the guest. charges commission on confirmed stays and non-refundable bookings* (regardless of whether the guest stayed at your property or not).

Remember to always let us know about any other kinds of cancellations or payment issues like guest no-shows, guest cancellations or invalid credit cards so these bookings don't get included in your invoice and you’re not charged commission.

If you’re looking for more information about cancellations, you can read this article: Can I cancel a reservation?

*Note: This is a modification we’re in the process of making for non-refundable reservations where guests are charged a cancellation fee. If you decide to waive such fees for guests, we'll waive the commission, too.

We’re currently communicating this modification to partners in stages. Check your Extranet inbox to see if it applies to your property yet. If you haven’t received confirmation of this modification yet, we'll let you know before the modification takes effect.

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