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How credit notes work

Updated 10 months ago | 5 min read

We issue credit notes to correct the value of an invoice we issued. Incorrect invoices can happen if reservation statuses are handled incorrectly or commission fees are calculated inaccurately. You can use these credit notes toward your future commission invoices. For example, you might request a credit note if a reservation wasn’t canceled or marked as a no-show when it should have been. Another instance is if you agreed to waive a guest’s cancellation fee, but we still charged you commission for it.

We only issue credit notes under exceptional circumstances. For this reason, it’s important that you make sure the status of your reservations is always correct in the Extranet’s Reservations section.

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Avoiding incorrect invoices

Requesting and waiting for credit notes is time consuming. To avoid receiving incorrect invoices, it’s helpful to remember the basics of handling reservations:

  • Marking changes on time
    Any change to a reservation must be marked on the Extranet within 48 hours after check-out to be correctly reflected in our commission billing. This includes marking no-shows and cancellations. If you fail to mark a no-show, guests will still be able to leave a review, which then serves as proof of a completed booking. Read this article to learn more about marking no-shows and cancellations.

    The responsibility for marking these changes falls solely on you, our partner. This is in accordance with our General Delivery Terms (GDT). If the changes aren’t marked within 48 hours after check-out, you’ll be charged full commission on the original booking. If you’re unable to mark these changes on the Extranet, contact Partner Services.
  • Marking a credit card as invalid
    In cases of non-refundable or partially non-refundable reservations that haven’t been charged to the guest’s credit card, you’ll need to mark their card as invalid. Failure to do so will result in us charging you commission on the reservation.

    Follow these steps to mark a credit card as invalid:
  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Reservations
  3. Click the guest’s name or booking number, then select Mark credit card as invalid

Disputing a commission invoice and requesting a credit note

You can dispute a commission and request a credit note on the Extranet for reservations that are no older than three months. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Finance, then select Reservation Statements
  3. Choose the period of invoicing
  4. Find the reservation you want to open a commission dispute for and select it
  5. Check the box under the field that says Dispute commission amount
  6. Click the blue button that says Dispute reservation, located at the top of the Remarks column
  7. Choose the reason for the dispute
  8. Specify the details of the dispute
  9. Enter the amount paid by the guest
  10.  Click Next
  11. Review your claim and click Submit dispute

When a dispute is approved and we’ve confirmed that we need to correct an invoice for you, we’ll issue a credit note. This doesn’t mean we’ll send you a new invoice – your original invoice will remain valid, but we’ll correct the amount with the credit note. The note will show the amount that needs to be deducted from the original invoice, and you won’t need to pay it. Keep in mind that you can only dispute commission for reservations that have invoices.

If your dispute request is rejected, you’ll receive a notification in your Extranet inbox.

It can take up to 14 business days for us to process your request. You’ll receive a notification in the Extranet inbox once we do this. Until then, there’s no need to contact us for an update.

Disputing commission on waived fees

If a guest cancels and incurs a penalty fee, you can choose to waive it and avoid paying commission. If the payment was made with a virtual credit card (VCC) or Payments by, you’ll need to wait for the reservation invoice to be issued. You can then send us a message on the Extranet to dispute the invoice. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Inbox, then messages
  3. Click See contact options
  4. Click Finance (invoice and payments), then Dispute invoices as the topic
  5. Click See all contact options , then Message
  6. Write the reservation number that you’re disputing in the text field
  7. Attach proof of the refund/chargeback from your bank, either as a PDF or a screenshot
  8. Click Send message

What to do once you receive a credit note

Once you receive your credit note, what you do with it depends on its value compared to your original invoice.

  • If it’s for the same amount as your original invoice, we’ll automatically use it to clear your original invoice – you don’t need to do anything
  • If it’s for a lower amount than your original invoice, we’ll automatically apply it to your original invoice – you’ll need to pay the remaining amount of that invoice
  • If it’s for a higher amount than your original invoice, we’ll automatically use it to clear your original invoice and apply the remaining amount to your next invoice – you don’t need to do anything

Credit notes don’t have an expiration date – you can use them for as long as you’re partnered with us.

If you have any questions, take a look at this article on paying your invoices.

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