Reopening your property after paying a late invoice

Updated 1 year ago | 2 min read

If your property has been automatically closed due to an unpaid invoice, you can only reopen it by paying the outstanding balance. Once you do, you’ll be able to reopen your property via the Extranet.

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Paying your outstanding invoices

There are several ways to pay your invoices, which you can read about in this article. Make sure you always include your property ID and invoice number as the payment reference info. We need them to identify your payment and process it correctly. It can take up to 72 hours for us to receive your payment, depending on how quickly your bank processes transactions.

Once you make your payment, you don’t need to send us proof of payment. The only exception to this is if:

  • You’re making a bulk payment for more than one property. In this case, you need to send us the confirmation together with the payment allocation breakdown
  • We’ve explicitly asked you for proof of payment

Reopening your property

Once we receive your outstanding payment, you’ll receive a message in your Extranet inbox letting you know that your property can be reopened. You’ll also see an Open your property button on the homepage of the Extranet, which you can click to quickly reopen your property. Once you reopen your property, you’ll receive a message indicating that your property is now open for bookings.

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