Understanding additional invoices

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There are various types of additional invoices you may be issued. Other than the commission invoice, you may also receive the following types of invoices: customer complaint invoice, incorrect reporting invoices, debit notes, and credit notes. 

For more information on the monthly commission invoices issued to you, read this article about understanding our commission.

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General information


All invoices are emailed and can be viewed and downloaded on the Extranet. If you have any questions about additional invoices, contact us by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Go to Inbox and click Booking.com Messages 
  3. Select Contact us from the drop-down menu and click either Compose new message or See contact options
  4. Select the topic Reservations and subtopic Other

Customer complaint invoices


A customer complaint invoice will be issued due to a relocation, double-booking (i.e. overbooking), incorrect charge, or guest complaint. These invoices are issued once a month.

If you receive a customer complaint invoice, you’ll receive a message via the Extranet inbox from customer service informing you of the additional charge. The invoice will also include a brief description of the reason it was issued and the reservation number of the relevant booking.

Incorrect reporting invoices


An incorrect reporting invoice is issued for the incorrect reporting of no-shows. These invoices are issued once a month. 

When a booking is marked as a no-show, the guest also receives a message to verify this information. If the guest reports they stayed at the property or they were charged for the reservation, commission will be charged on this invoice. You’ll receive a notification via email when this occurs. The invoice includes the reservation numbers that have been reported incorrectly. 

Debit notes


A debit note is issued if a reservation is modified/canceled but the guest stayed. It may also be issued if the booking is canceled on our platform and turned into a direct booking. In these cases, commission will be charged. These invoices are issued once a month.  

This invoice is similar to an invoice that’s issued for an incorrectly reported no-show. It’s also displayed as “Debit note” on the Extranet’s Finance page. The invoice includes the reservation number of the relevant booking. 

Additional debit notes are issued in rare cases where there’s strong proof of a pattern of commission avoidance. This invoice type can’t be disputed and is issued once in three months, followed by an email communication. 

Credit notes


A credit note is issued to correct a previous invoice where you’re owed money. They hold a credit, which can be used toward a future or current unpaid invoice. The credit note always includes an invoice reference number or an overview of reservation numbers. These invoices are issued throughout the month.

Find more info on credit notes here.

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