FAQ Risk-Free Reservations

This feature isn’t available everywhere yet. We'll contact you as soon as it’s available for your property.


What happens and what should I do if a guest cancels a Risk-free Reservation?

When a Risk-Free Reservations is canceled, Booking.com will try to find one or more new guests to replace the canceled reservation.

Note: For us to be able to replace your canceled reservation, your property must not have availability blocked (e.g. due to a restriction you have in place).

Process-wise, after the original guest cancels, we'll immediately send you a cancellation notification message and start searching for replacement guests.

Note: For guest replacement, we'll use the rate that you're currently listing your room for.

If we can't replace your canceled reservation, we'll pay you the commissionable amount for any room nights we can’t find a replacement guest for.  

How does payment work with Risk-Free Reservations?

Note: Since the majority of guests who book flexible policies don’t actually end up canceling, in most cases you’ll be able to handle payment as you normally would.

If we don't find a replacement guest for you following a cancellation, we'll pay you the commissionable amount via the payment solution you use.

After replacing a guest, how do I get the new guest’s credit card details or deposit?

For reservations that aren’t canceled by guests, you’ll be able to see the guest’s credit card details when the new (upgraded) cancellation policy expires.

Note: For canceled reservations where we find replacement guests, the new guest will pay you for the reservation.

If we don't find a replacement, we'll initiate payment via the payment solution you're using on the same day the original guest would've checked in. Either way, you’ll get paid.

How does guest replacement work?

If you a Risk-Free Reservation gets canceled, we'll always try to find a replacement for the originally canceled nights. If we can't, we'll pay you the commissionable amount for the room nights we couldn't replace.

Note: We can only find replacements if your availability is open and not blocked, so we can resell it for the full period of time until the initial day of check-in.

What we pay you for that room will be the applicable price on the day the room is resold. If we fail to resell the room, we‘ll pay you the commissionable amount of the original price that the original guest booked for before canceling.

What if the guest has an invalid credit card?

Nothing changes when it comes to invalid credit cards except when you can view card details. We’ll only release payment details when the reservation becomes non-refundable.

The rest is the same: Log in to the system, check the credit card, and—if the credit card is invalid—mark it accordingly.

If the guest fails to give you a valid credit card, we’ll try to find a replacement guest.

How do I see which of my reservations are Risk-Free Reservations and their statuses?

To find out which reservations are Risk-Free, go to the Extranet's Reservations tab.

In the Status column, reservations that are part of the program will have a "Risk-free" tag. From there, you can click on individual reservation numbers and go to Reservation Details.

There you can see what's happening with the replacement process. This is the same for connected properties.  

How do I opt out of Risk-Free Reservations?

We understand your business model might not be a perfect fit for this program. If you don’t want to offer Risk-Free Reservations, just sign in to the Extranet, go to the Property menu and click Policies. Then, scroll down to Risk-Free Reservations and opt out.

If you want to rejoin the program in the future, use the same process to opt back in.

Will the program affect my pricing?

Your original rate will stay the same. To attract guests who want extra flexibility, we'll display your strictest policy as having free cancellation, or else extend the period of your free cancellation policy (if you have one in place).

This means that while we offer the upgraded (and more flexible) policy guests, you won't need to offer any discounts yourself.

Note: To give you the best possible chance of welcoming a guest, we'll use price incentives when looking for a replacement. However, this won’t affect the money you earn, because any discounts will be deducted from our own commission.

Don't worry, we'll always pay you the commissionable amount for any room nights for which we can’t find a replacement guest, as long as there's availability and it's not blocked during the reselling period.  

What happens when a guest books more than one room and only cancels a few?

We'll try to replace the canceled part of the original reservation. For the "active" part of the reservation, you can charge the original guest as you normally would.

For the rest of the reservation: If we manage to find a replacement guest, you'll be able to charge them as you would normally. If we can't find a replacement, we'll pay you the commissionable amount that we couldn’t replace. This applies to all rooms we can’t find replacement guests for.

In these cases, these reservations will appear as "Partially paid by Booking.com" on the Extranet. The name just means that you can charge the original guest for a part of the reservation, and we’ll pay you the rest.

Note: If we can't resell all dates due to a restriction, we ask that the restriction be removed to guarantee payment.

Once all restrictions have been removed and we're still unable to resell the whole range, we'll pay you the commissionable amount for any room nights for which we couldn’t find a replacement guest.

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