FAQ Risk-Free Reservations

This feature isn’t currently available everywhere yet, but we'll contact you as soon as it’s available for your property.

How does payment work with Risk-Free Reservations?

Since the majority of guests who book flexible policies don’t actually end up canceling, in most cases you’ll be able to handle payment as you normally would. That means you’ll still charge the guest’s card (or virtual credit card) on the Extranet or your channel manager. If the guest decides to cancel, we’ll make a virtual credit card available to you.

What happens if a guest cancels?

If the reservation is Risk-Free, we’ll try to find a new guest for the room. As soon as we get a replacement guest, we’ll send you a modified reservation for the same date, but at the price that's listed at that moment. If we don't manage to resell your room, we’ll pay you the original price it was booked for.

How do I get a new guest’s credit card details?

For reservations that aren’t canceled by guests, you’ll be able to see the guest’s credit card details when the new (upgraded) cancellation policy expires.

For canceled reservations, it’ll be the new guest who pays – if we find one. If not, we’ll pay you the same day the original guest would've checked in. Either way, you’ll get paid.

How does the re-allocation work?

If you get a cancellation for a booking of 2 nights or more, we'll always respect your length-of-stay restrictions to find one or more reservations that cover the original dates. If we can't cover the entire range, you'll get the full original price for the room nights we couldn't find a replacement for.

What we pay you for that room will be the applicable price from the day that the room is resold. If we fail to resell the room, we'll pay you the original price that the first guest had booked it for.

What if the guest has an invalid credit card and Booking.com only releases it 24 hours before check-in?

Nothing changes when it comes to invalid credit cards, except for when you can view card details. We’ll only release payment details when the reservation becomes non-refundable according to the original policy. The rest is the same: Log in to the system, check the credit card, and—if the credit card is invalid—mark it accordingly. If the guest fails to give you a valid credit card, we’ll still pay you with a virtual credit card.

How do I see which of my reservations are Risk-Free Reservations?

To find out which reservations are Risk-Free, go to the Reservations tab on the Extranet. In the Status column, reservations that are part of the program will have a "Risk-free" tag. This is the same for connected properties.

How do I opt out of Risk-Free Reservations?

We understand your business model might not be a perfect fit for this program. If you don’t want to offer Risk-Free Reservations, just sign in to the Extranet, go to the Property menu, then click Policies. Scroll down to Risk-Free Reservations and opt out. If you want to rejoin the program at some point in the future, you can use the same process to opt back in.

Will the program affect my pricing?

Your original rate (e.g. semi-flexible or non-refundable) will remain untouched. For select reservations—and only when we can offer a more flexible policy than your current one—we’ll upgrade it for the guest. But on your end, the original policy will remain in place. This means that while we offer the upgraded (more flexible) policy to the guest, you won’t need to offer any discounts yourself. If this doesn’t align with your business model, let us know through the Inbox tab of the Extranet.

What happens when a guest books more than one room and only cancels a few?

If a guest only cancels some of their rooms, we’ll do our best to sell those free rooms to other guests. If we can’t re-allocate all the rooms, we’ll pay you for any rooms we can’t sell. These reservations will appear as "Partially paid by Booking.com" on the Extranet. This means you can charge the original guest for a part of the reservation, and we’ll pay you the rest.

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