How can I set up my house rules clearly for guests?

Updated 1 year ago

Depending on your property type, this feature might not be available yet. We’re working hard to roll it out for all partners as soon as possible.  

The vast majority of guests play by the rules and respect the properties they stay at. But to make things even clearer, we can present your rules so guests have to read and agree to them before finalizing their bookings.

To set up clear house rules* on the Extranet, just follow these steps:

1. Click the Property tab, then Policies.

2. Scroll down to House Rules.

3. Click Edit. Here you can specify if your property:

  • accommodates children
  • accommodates pets
  • accommodates smokers
  • allows parties/events
  • has preset quiet hours

4. Click Save to finalize your changes.

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