Setting up your host profile on Pulse

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Add a personal touch to your property page by filling out your host profile via the Pulse app. It helps highlight your property’s unique features, gives potential guests information about the neighborhood, and lends a personal touch to your property page.

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Completing your host profile on Pulse

Follow these steps to complete your host profile on Pulse using Android or iOS:

  1. Open the Pulse app and tap More
  2. If you manage multiple properties on Pulse, select the property you want to add information for under Property details
  3. Tap Your profile
  4. Add a photo of yourself or your property and a name
  5. Add information about your property, the neighborhood, and/or yourself
  6. Tap Save to confirm your changes

You can set up your host profile in multiple languages. To do so, select Add language and repeat the above steps.

Benefits of completing your host profile

Completing your host profile tells guests some more about yourself and what makes your place special. It paints a complete picture of your property and shows potential guests that you’re an authentic person.

The information you include should be personable yet professional – like something about yourself and your property, as well as insider knowledge of the surrounding area. You can even write a welcome message for your future guests.

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