How do I set up policies and payment methods before accepting reservations?

Updated 6 months ago
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To ensure a smooth process with your first reservations, you should make sure you reviewed your payment and cancellation policies.

You can let guests know what payment methods you accept, whether cash or credit card, through your Extranet. Click on the Property tab on the Extranet and select Policies. Here you can make any relevant changes. Check out this article for more info.

Under Policies, you’ll also be able to review your cancellation terms. If you need more insight into how to set this up, you'll find step by step instructions in this article.

You might also want to set up and adjust your own damage deposit or prepayment (a full or partial amount of the reservation cost that has to be paid before arrival) preferences. You’ll find simple instructions on how to do this here. Prepayment not available for you yet? Read more about the reasons why in this article.

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