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Changing your property status to open/bookable

Updated 6 months ago | 2 min read

Setting your property status to open/bookable means that you’ve completed every step of the registration process and travelers can book your property on our platform.

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How to set your property status to open/bookable

You’ll need to complete your registration before you can set your property status to open/bookable. In some cases, that means verifying your property’s location first. You should also make sure you’ve:

  1. Added and arranged photos of your property
  2. Reviewed your facilities and room amenities
  3. Reviewed your contact details
  4. Checked your property description for accuracy
  5. Loaded enough availability in your calendar
  6. Added rates for the rooms or units you’ve made available
  7. Previewed your property page as it will appear on our platform

Once your property’s info is complete, you can change its status to open/bookable by clicking Make my property live on the Extranet.

When will I start receiving bookings?

Every reservation a guest makes on our platform is confirmed instantly, so you can start receiving bookings as soon as you set your property status to open/bookable. Remember, you don’t have the option to accept or reject a booking once it’s made. That’s why it’s important that you load your availability correctly before you set your property status to open/bookable.

Whenever you get a new booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email, plus a notification on the Pulse app if you use it. We’ll also send the guest a confirmation email and update your availability on our platform. You can see all your booking details under the Extranet’s Reservations tab and the Pulse app’s Bookings tab.

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