What does property location verification involve?

When joining Booking.com, you need to verify your property's location so guests can find it easily. It only takes 5 minutes to verify your property location online yourself.

How to verify your property's location online

We'll mail a verification code to the property address you'd provided during registration.

As soon as you get your verification letter—usually within 3 weeks—follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet and click the Home tab.
  2. Under Your code, enter the code provided in the location verification letter.
  3. Click Verify property (or Confirm my location).
  4. If your hasn't already gone live, click Open for bookings (or Publish my property).

If you don't get your verification letter within 3 weeks after registering (or you can't verify your property location online for whatever reason), contact us through the Extranet's Inbox (or the Pulse app's More tab) with Property details as the topic.

Why location verification is important

We market properties across multiple search engines as well as on affiliate websites, so it's essential we show guests the correct property info from the very start. This also helps you manage expectations and provide a positive guest experience.

If your property location remains unverified, your property may be temporarily closed and prevented from getting new bookings.

If that happens, make your property open/bookable again by following the same process detailed above.