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Accessing data to understand travel trends and attract more guests

Updated 6 months ago | 2 min read

On the Extranet and Pulse app, you can find data to understand what travelers are looking for. Using these insights, you can prepare your property for the trends your region will encounter, and be one of the most sought-after places there.

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What data is available

If you’re eligible, you can see certain types of demand data for your market, such as the average search booking window, the percentage of domestic and international searches, and so on. The data is compiled by analyzing the previous 14 days of activity on our platform.

We offer this data to the majority of our partners. If you can’t access it, that’s probably because you’re in an area without enough properties or recent searches, so the info won’t be accurate.

Where to find this data

To access this info about potential guests, log in to the Extranet and click Data on the homepage. You can also find it in the Pulse app’s Activity Feed.

How this info can help you get bookings

Using the data provided, you can easily optimize your promotions and policies to help your property perform at its best.

Since the data is updated daily, you can follow recent trends and prepare for periods of high demand, such as events, holidays, and particular seasons.

Some of the data you have access to are:

  • Where your potential guests come from
  • Who booked your property (e.g. a couple, family, or solo traveler)
  • Which device the property was searched for and booked from
  • How far in advance guests search 
  • Which cancellation policies are most popular

Set up tailored promotions and policies from the Extranet’s Opportunity Center .

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